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About Us

Capable, Experienced, Creative

About Us

Why Choose Us

Quite simply, because there is no other company in the world that can do what we do.

At Foraux we have a unique set of products and services that aim to do one major thing - to improve your business.

We work with clients to detail your business so we can provide the best fit solution. Everything we do revolves around our enthusiasm to see our clients succeed.

The experience of our senior management means that we are highly likely to understand your business and therefore your business needs very quickly. This, in turn, enables our solutions to be implemented very quickly, enabling you to start improving your turnover rapidly.


Where can we help you?

Increase turnover?

We are able to provide many different ideas on how you can increase your turnover by providing you with additional products for your customers.

Retain more customers?

By building programmes that your customers will love, your customers will find they don't want to move to your competitiors.

Attract more customers?

With a great portfolio of value added products, Foraux will work with you to establish solutions that will entice more customers to you.

Popular Systems

Clearing System
Transaction Engine
Online Banking

Our Team

Foraux is made up of highly qualified, experienced and skilled individuals from backgrounds in Foreign Exchange, Finance, Commodities Brokering, Hedging & Futures, Business Development, Project Management and Entrepreneuralism. The diversity in our knowledge has resulted in the ability to identify solutions that many would not even consider.

Graham Newall

Chairman and Founder
Graham has been at the forefront of derivatives, futures and foreign exchange for over 30 years, operating in every continent throughout the world.

Bruce Parker

Bruce is a Chartered Accountant and has been developing international card-based solutions for over 20 years.

Francis Doherty

Francis has a finance and business information systems background, delivering complex projects throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Payment Card Processing

We can deliver a complete card processing solution that will operate with all known card brands as well as closed loop system cards.

E-Wallet System

Enable your customers to simply transfer funds between different currencies with our e-wallet system. We can also provide access to highly competitive FX rates.

Online Banking System

We can deliver a highly cost effective online banking solution that includes all our systems in addition to loans, repayments, mortgages and easy access for your customers.

Highly Customisable


How can we help you?

The value add for clients is limited only by our imagination. The resulting increase in turnover for clients and their customer retention rates are highly measurable.