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Industry Solutions - Gold

Gold Industry Solution Overview

Gold has been the greatest symbol of wealth known to man. It is a physical asset that does not deteriorate nor does it lose its appeal as the most sought after store of wealth. Foraux has been at the forefront of developing systems that enable everyone to particiapte in owning gold and making sure their wealth is protected.

Since the collapse of the banks in Cyprus, it is clear that our money sitting in bank accounts is vulnerable, if the banks are in trouble. The only way that our wealth can be protected is to store it in gold and in vaults that are independent.

Foraux has developed technical systems and solutions that enable all manner of companies, including gold traders, gold clubs, entrepreneurs, bank and institutions to create a new and safe way to manage and monitor their wealth, placing an emphasis on security and accessibility.

The fexibility of the Foraux systems provide customers with the ability to use gold as a currency and exchange it into other currencies, as simply as exchanging any currency. With the introduction of the system using gold as a currency, Foraux is also able to provide the same solution for any other precious metal, gem or commodity.

Solution Highlights

Industry Gold
Areas of Support Foreign Exchange Engine
Banking system

Requirements Enable customers to buy and sell gold via an online system.

Other Solutions

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