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    Unique Solutions
    Foraux offers unique solutions that facilitate
    the flow of funds and services across physical,
    online, mobile and multi-currency platforms.
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    Transaction Engine
    Using our core transaction engine, clients benefit from a
    vast array of value added solutions that are offered by no
    other company.
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    Multi Platform Access
    We ensure your products and services are available,
    to all your customers on whichever device they are using


A complete range of systems with embedded value added services to enable clients to increase turnover


For small or large businesses, we provide a tehnically superior platform out of the box

Multiple Platform Access

We ensure all your products and services are available to all your customers all of the time

About Us

See what we are all about. Understand what we do, why we do it and how we do it.
The value add for clients is limited only by our imagination. The resulting increase in turnover for clients and their customer retention rates are highly measurable.